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In La Frubense we have the most advanced drying tunnels which allow us to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

The products are dried at a constant temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius and are kept in the drying tunnel until the dehydration reaches its optimum moment between 5 and 15%. So that our products are 100% natural since no preservatives are needed, maintaining and enhancing the organoleptic qualities of both flavour and aroma.


Handcrafted - Natural - No Additives

1. Cleaning of our products

2. Cutting and preparation for drying

6. Our products finish the drying process in the tunnel when the degree of humidity is between 5 and 15%

3. Carrying our products in the drying tunnel

4. Our products are kept at a constant temperature of  40 - 45 degrees celsius

5. Continuous air flow from top to bottom sweeps along humidity and prevents fermentation




The organic production logo of the EU and its Member States complements the usual labeling and increase the visibility of this type of food and drink for consumers.

Those who purchase products marked with the EU logo can be fully confident that at least 95% of the ingredients have been produced ecologically, that the product complies with the standards of the official inspection plan and comes directly from the producer in a sealed container with the inspection body code.

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